About the collection

The Avon Valley is in Western Australia and was named in 1834. It encompasses the four major towns of Northam, Toodyay, York and Beverley and also includes the surrounding districts of the area known as 'the Avon Valley'.

The Jan James Avon Valley Collection is a life time's work; it includes transcripts of birth, baptism, marriage, death and burials dating back to circa 1841. These records are supported by Shire burial registers, Funeral Director's records, headstone inscriptions and many other items. Included is Jan's Index of Mug Shots and charges from Police Gazettes concerning those from the Avon Valley who were sentenced of a crime and served time in Fremantle Prison prior to 1952. 

The index is an ongoing project; records are still being processed. If you have queries about an Avon Valley family that is not yet listed in the index, Jan may be able to look up the relevant information for you. Please provide as many details as you can when you email Jan with your query.

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